How do you make Ginger Snap?

Ginger one

Tell her that Maryann was the leading lady!

Maryann Satisfied

Oh come on… that was hi-larry-us!




This weeks recipe was a Q&E ( quick and easy ) one for sure!

HOWEVER, I learned that you can never prejudge any on of Rose’s recipes and assume you know exactly what to do…..because even if it may appear to be quite simple; you should always read and re-read the recipe a few times….

Case in point – the section on page 339 BAKE THE COOKIES:

[…An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center of a cookie should read 200 degrees F…]

If you read that a bit too fast, one might have heard [...An infrared thermometer…..

So guess who went to Sam’s Club Warehouse and purchased the item behind door number 1/2 below:

Let's Make A Deal

Goat Door options

and the winner is….


oh well,  I will use it for something in the kitchen one day.

Moving on to Key Ingredients:

I could not find the India Tree product, golden syrup but did find a very nice substitute at Whole Foods called ” Lyle’s Golden Syrup


I always date the “Service Date” for all of my new kitchen products as purchased as well as note the “Expiration Date“.  I find it’s just easier to locate the date information needed when either preparing the shopping list or baking if I seal the product in a plastic zip lock bag and write the date information on the bag itself.

And yes…I have been called a “BAG MAN” before as well….

I also did this as the lid did not fit as tightly as I thought it should have.


I was able to find the caster sugar at Whole Foods but the Expiration Date was not listed on the package; 20150125_201115

 I did find the code 14260

on the bottom of the package

Does this mean the expiration date was 2/6/14? 

Can someone please clarify 

 So I placed my butter in my sauce pan along with the golden syrup to meld together:




Mixed my dry ingredients


Added the egg and egg white, whisked


and voila…. gingersnap dough appears

It smelled SO good as it mixed together!

20150125_210745 20150125_210757 20150125_211044

Divided the dough into three sections


Rolled the dough into 3 logs for refrigeration


Prepared baking sheets and preheated oven to 350 degree F with the oven rack on the middle of the oven.


Dough was in the refrigerator more than 30 minutes.  Allowed dough to come to room temperature for 10 minutes.

With gloves, rolled dough into balls that were 1 1/4 inch in diameter


Then placed each ball 2 inches a part



From the first batch, I learned the following timing:

Place the filled sheet pan in the oven rack longways for 2.5 minutes, turn the sheet pan around for even baking VERY SLOWLY.  Then set your timer for 9.5 minutes.


After about 5 minutes, you can see the balls begin to take form; after about 7 minutes, they are curved 1/4th moon shaped with cracks beginning.  The last two minutes, the cracks really deepen and a definite separation occurs, leaving wider cracks.

As you are taking the sheet pan out of the oven to cool on a rack for 5 minutes in the baking sheet, be VERY careful that your oven mitts do not come in contact with the surface of the cookie as the mitts can harm the shape of the cookie eternally.


Set your timer for the 5 minutes mentioned above and then transfer the cookies to a cooling rack until completely cool.


Transfer to serving platter for service


Overall, I really enjoyed making the recipe.  The aroma was amazing.  I enjoyed watching the transformation of the shape of the cookie as it baked. I also appreciated how delicate the cookies are during the cooling stage.  It’s quite a transformation to see the final product become firm and of course delicious!  The texture was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside – simply delightful.  I hear that the softness will transform to a more firm cookie in a few days…..

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Thank you all for your comments!


Update: 1/26/15 3:06 AM

Well….. I was asleep, then I kept thinking about Rose’s Gingersnaps and I had to get up and get two more….

And then this hit me…..

As I took the first batch out and placed the cookies on the rack to cool, I took in deeply the aroma of the warm cookies and I smelled the lack of Lemon…

Puzzled by this, I stored that thought away until now…

As I savored the 3 am cookies, I can taste the heat of the ginger from the cookie, but I want more heat and I want more spice

I have the following adaptation to the Gingersnap recipe as follows:

TonyB’s Lemon Spiced Gingersnaps


When adding the ground ginger:

  • add 1/4 teaspoon dry horseradish
  • add 1 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice
  • 1/8 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon mace

When the cookies have been rolled into three different logs and are in the refrigerator,

  • Zest 3 lemons and set in a container with a lid
  • Peel about an inch of fresh ginger and set along side the lemon zest
  • Let set for 30 minutes, refrigerated, with lid closed tightly
  • After 30 minutes, remove the fresh ginger

Spread the zest in a long open container.

When rolling the cookies, roll only the top portion of the cookies in the lemon zest mixture.

Bake as directed

I’m preparing Patricia’s version of “Patricia’s Sweet and Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork” from her website ButterYum tomorrow night which takes 6 hours in the oven.  I”m adding wet chorizo and finishing with added cilantro and lime zest.   But after that,  I need to make this adaptation, observe and then post…

Please share your thoughts and comments.  I would love to hear them.



© Tony Bridges and One Crumb at a Thyme, 2014


21 thoughts on “Gingersnaps

  1. Great Post.. sorry it took a while for me to get here .. your ginger cookies (because these are not gingersnaps)… look wonderful. Does it mean something that i’m so use to eyeballing distances that I no longer break out the ruler to make sure I’m 2 inches apart when placing my re-baked cookies? ahh the life of a baker.

    • Thank you Monica for your comment. The actual first part of my blog follows Rose’s recipe exactly, the creative part of me came out at 3 AM as a variation on her original recipe; I made the dough for my variation last night and will bake the new idea tonight; I can’t wait to see how my idea turns out; I must admit that I did taste the dough and I believe that I will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome! I think it is marvelous that you no longer measure. I wanted to follow Rose’s recipe as closely as I could so I measured this time. I don’t think I will measure tonight……Thank you again!

  2. haha, I’m going to ‘misread’ the recipe next time I want some new kitchen equipment :). The only thing to do with that sugar is to use it all asap. More cookies!

  3. Love your post and Ginger joke. 🙂 The infrared Thermometer is great to use when heating up chocolate and tempering. Pastry chefs use it all the time. I’ve got one in my kitchen! I admit that I don’t have an instant read one though…I cannot buy one more tool for my kitchen until the construction is finished, otherwise my husband will think that I’ve lost my mind. Everything is in boxes right now. Your cookies look great!

    • Jill, thank you so much! I think I will find many uses for the infrared thermometer…I was just thinking last night as I was using my instant read thermometer to calibrate the water temperature for my biga ( 70 to 80 degrees ) that it would be MUCH simpler to just aim and click….Next time I will use it and see! I know how it is in buying kitchen gadgets……It is my weakness..Good luck on your kitchen remodel! I’m sure you will enjoy it tremendously! Thanks again for your comment Jill

  4. Hi there–Great post with a blast back to the past! Loved the photos and the pun with Maryann and Ginger!! Your cookies look great! So glad you have discovered the joy of Golden Syrup! I appreciate Rose for introducing us to this to wondrous ingredient. Please come see me at and I will hope to see you next week for the Swedish Apricot Walnut Bread!

    • Thank you Michele; Glad you enjoyed the pun! YES I LOVE Golden Syrup. Rose is truly a champion when it comes to baking and introducing everyone to new products like this. I’m starting my biga for the Swedish Apricot Walnut Bread tomorrow night so I can be ready to create on Saturday morning, let the dough rest overnight and then BAKE it on Sunday! Happy Baking!

    • I was just creating a tube in which I could pinch off about a tablespoon of dough per Rose’s instructions. I suppose I had wrapped dough like this before in other recipes as well, so the shape just came naturally. I saw how others had made pretty large rectangles.

  5. Thanks for your adaptation. I will copy down to make it again, i too want more heat and spice. I’ve never heard or seen dry horseradish, what can i replaced or substitute it with?

    • I had bought a small can of horseradish powder previously at Whole Foods but when I went last night to pick up a fresh can, they no longer sell this product. I called around to a number of places and horseradish powder, at least in my area, has been replaced with Wasabi Powder. There are a number of brands so I recommend reviewing the ingredients listed to choose one that has mostly horseradish. I purchased a small can by EDEN called Wasabi Powder Net Wt 0.55 oz 25g for $6.69 at Whole Foods. The only ingredients in this brand are Horseradish, Mustard and Wasabi. I am going to make the adaptation tonight! Thank you so much for your comment Faithy!

  6. Hey Tony – love your opening joke :). Oops on the infrared thermometer, but hey, it’s a pretty cool thing to have.

    The India Tree product is golden bakers sugar (not syrup). Not worth the price when combining superfine and brown sugar works just as well. Lyle’s golden syrup is also called for in this recipe. I have a hard time staying away from the syrup – it’s sooooooo good.

    Love your lemon/horseradish/5-spice variation – so chefy. Great post – hope you’ll stop by to see mine. PS – enjoy the pork roast. Thanks for linking back to me.

    Patricia @ ButterYum

    • Thank you for that Patricia. Sometimes you just have to laugh and have some fun and I couldn’t resist the “Ginger” pun.

      Thank you for also clarifying the India Tree product. Once I tasted the Lyle’s Golden Syrup, I’m hooked for life. It has an amazing depth of flavor and strong back notes; truly a future kitchen staple for me now.

      Thank you also for your comment on the variation. I found that they no longer sell horseradish powder in my area and I purchased Wasabi Powder last night at Whole Foods. I will make the variation tonight and post.

      I always enjoy your post. The Gingersnap post was so informative and educational! – not to mention the excellent photography….. Where did you purchase your tablespoon measure? I really like the shape, form and I’m sure the weight of it. Brand name?

      Thanks again!

  7. Hi Tony, How do you make Ginger Snap? Really? You got a belly laugh from me on that one. Your post is so much fun! Congrats on finding the caster sugar. I wonder if it made a difference. So, let’s make a deal. I bring over the drinks, and you let me borrow that infrared thermometer. I’ve always wanted to try them. Thanks so much for joining our group.

    • Hello there Kimberlie! I’m so happy you enjoyed my Ginger pun – I simply couldn’t resist.

      I love the caster sugar and the golden syrup. Your welcome anytime for drinks!

      I simply love your posts, your viewpoints and excellent photography.

      Thank you again for your comments; I’m having so much FUN with the recipes and learning everyone in our group!

      Happy Baking!

  8. NOooooo……..return that infrared thing post haste before you give Rose ideas! I laughed out loud with the photos of Ginger and Maryann. Ginger definitely would have snapped. Does sugar ever expire?

    • Thank you for that Vicki. I asked the manager at Whole Foods about sugar expiration and she stated that sugar and honey never expire. I think this is an excellent question for Rose – I’m so curious now…

      I’m so glad my pun made you smile!

  9. Those ginger snaps look fantastic. My hat goes off to the chef. Cant wait to make them myself and hope that they turn out half as good as yours look. Thank you so much.

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