Chocolate Raspberry Hazelnut Pastry

A friend and I were discussing Nutella, pastry and raspberries and an easy dessert was imagined.

I never tire of the combination of raspberries and chocolate, but when you add hazelnuts and puff pastry, you get my attention immediately.

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Allen take pictures while I prepared the dessert.  It was the first time I was “hands-free” so to speak and I am delighted at the “freedom” to bake while Allen documented the process.

Preheat the oven at least 20 minutes at 350 degrees F.


In order to do this we bring 3 cups of water to a boil and 1/4 cup of baking soda. You will need a very tall stock pot as the mixture will increase in size due to the chemical reaction of the baking soda to boiling water.  Add 16 oz of hazelnuts and bring to a boil. Continue to cook for 3 minutes or so, testing the nuts by selecting a few and running them under cold water.  Continue to boil if the skins are not easily removed.

Transfer the hazelnuts to a colander and run cold water over them. Have a second colander ready and transfer the hazelnuts, now filberts, to the second colander once the skins have been removed.

Line a full sheet baking pan with foil and spread about 3 Tablespoons of hazelnut oil on the foil.  Place the hazelnuts on the foil and toss to coat with the oil.

Bake for 10 minutes, turn the baking sheet and bake for 7 more minutes.  When the aroma of the nuts is present, remove the nuts from the oven and select 3 nuts from various places from the sheet. Test them for flavor, return as needed until you have reached the desired flavor for the roasted hazelnuts.


Chop the nuts small dice leaving a 1/4 o the nuts to chop in half for presentation.


Place a large piece of wax paper on the clean counter and roll the pastry in all directions to achieve a rectangle 1/8 inch thick using flour as needed. Brush off the excess flour from both sides of the pastry.

Spread the Nutella evenly using an offset spatula returning the pastry to the freezer when the temperature becomes tacky and the Nutella is not easy to spread.

Sprinkle the hazelnuts evenly on the Nutella base

Place a top row, four deep, of raspberries

Beginning at the raspberry filling end, grip the wax paper and roll tightly to the end of the fruit filling.

Roll the base end and meet in the middle

Grip the pastry and mold it to a uniform log

Egg wash the top and sides of the pastry.

Add the toasted hazelnuts, pressing into the pastry.

Roll the pastry over and egg wash the bottom, and repeat


Prepare a second full sheet for baking with parchment paper.

Cut the ends off of each side then cut the pastry in one inch sections

Place the cut pastry on the second prepared parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle with the reserved larger cut hazelnuts for garnish

Bake rotating after 20 minutes for 40 minutes.

When the Nutella begins to ooze, your done.


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