Black and Blueberry Crisp

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Silky, Smooth, Tart and Bittersweet Blueberry Heaven

As Gooseberries are out of season, other summer fruits were reviewed as a substitute for Rose’s Gooseberry Crisp from her most recent baking book, The Baking Bible


Rose gave us several options and as I already had blueberries in the refrigerator and all of the other ingredients at hand, I only had to purchase the blackberries….. such the good life for me…..

I began by researching the seasonality of the Gooseberry in my zone and find that after the temperature reaches 85 degrees F, the season diminishes and is over quickly.  For me and my zone, this would mean around April. So I have marked my calendar for a March do-over with Gooseberries as the recipe states.

Sugar, salt, lemon zest and lemon juice is added to the berries



Over a medium low flame, the berries are brought to a slow boil

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Next the berries are separated from the juices created

Next the berries are separated from the juices created

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Cornstarch is added to the berries and stirred in gently until the starch disappears

The juice is then reduced carefully back in the saucepan until thickened

More cornstarch is added to the berry mixture just before adding the pipping hot juices to the berries, activating the cornstarch as a thickener

The mixture is gently blended and transferred to the baking dish

The mixture is gently blended and transferred to the baking dish

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The crumb topping is made as a mixture of Muscovado Sugar, granulated sugar oats, seasoning, flour butter and vanilla

As I pondered this topping at 4:30 AM when I was making it, I believe when I market this to my clients, I will add almond extract as well as toasted almond slivers to the topping

The topping is applied in small clumps and sprinkled over the berry mixture

The crisp is baked for 20 – 25 minutes at the oven temperature and rack level indicated in the recipe.  I checked my crisp at 20 minutes through the oven window and saw that the fruit was bubbling at a nice rate but not fully, so I watched it for the next 5 minutes to ensure fully activation of the thickening agent as well as the desired browning of the topping itself




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Rose recommends topping the crisp with ice cream for service

I chose to use Talenti Royal Raspberry as a pairing

I chose to use Talenti Royal Raspberry as a pairing


Happy Baking Ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Black and Blueberry Crisp

  1. Tony–I should have pre-cooked mine, the berry juices never did “pie up,” as I call it! Yours looks delicious, I love black and blue! The sorbet sounds heavenly! Best baking to you–Michele

    • Thank you so much Michele! I loved watching all the brilliant colors as the berries transformed from their natural state to juice; it was marvelous to watch the transformation. I highly recommend using the FULL amount of cornstarch and perhaps a third more to help the juices thicken. I also am in love with the Talenti Ice Creams and Gelato; all natural ingredients that allows you to taste the quality. SO happy you are back

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