Black and Blueberry Pie

Blueberries and raspberries are one of my all time favorite fruits.  So I was very excited to see this weeks recipe featuring one of them.  Then it hit me…..

it was dough time.

I love pies but one of my all time culinary nemesis is pie dough.  I’ve read technique after technique, made several amazingly great doughs by default, but most of the time the dough is dry and crumbly.  I find that the moisture content listed is always lacking and the dough doesn’t come together firm and elastic after resting.

So I meticulously read Rose’s recipe several times to make sure I followed her method specifically.

20150112_211216                             Dry ingredients and butter in the freezer

20150112_223246                             Mise en place ready to go

– apple cider is there, you just can’t see it


Measured my pie plate from inside not including the rim.

No Rim = 11 2/8

Rim = 1 inch x 2 = two inches

Therefore my total was 13 2/8

I also divide my dough by measuring in ounces until the dough was evenly distributed between the two plastic freezer bags


I took the temperature of my dough before rolling to ensure I had brought the dough to 60 degrees F. ( No need for a picture of that.)

After following the steps, measurements, etc…, I STILL  found that after resting the dough, it was dry and non-elastic.  The dough was actually rather brittle and fell apart and crumbled in large chunks around the ends.  In order to manipulate the dough to become more elastic, I added small bits of ice water and kneaded the dough until it became more supple and manageable.  I returned the dough to the refrigerator to set.

As I do not have any expandable flan rings just yet, I do have nesting stainless steel chef mixing bowls.  To my delight, the rim of one bowl measured 13 4/8.  So when rolling out my dough from the inside out, I simply placed the light weight bowl upside down over my dough to make sure my measurements would be correct and said a little prayer on the inside.


I did find that using the two strips of floured plastic wrap on top of the counter, did make it more manageable to move the dough around.  However, I was wondering what could be used that would allow only ONE piece of material so that the dough could be moved with ease. 

The dough still maintained some brittle qualities when rolling and placing in the pie plate.  Small pieces needed to be patched in order to create a foundation for the pie.  I was not a very happy baker at this point.


After adding the colorful macerated berries to the foundation, I rolled the dough top.  I cut 4 small holes with a Wilton flower press for fondant for ventilation. I also made some leaves for decoration.


I did deviate one step from Rose’s instructions and placed the prepared pie in the freezer for 30 minutes as opposed to the refrigerator for an hour.  Every minute helps.

20150114_003347                                    Foil ring attached for baking

And finally the end result:


© Tony Bridges and One Crumb at a Thyme, 2014

18 thoughts on “Black and Blueberry Pie

  1. Hi tony was reading the part about using 2 sheets of floured saran wrap and thought maybe you would have success using Reynolds plastic coated freezer paper. It is 33 1/3 yds. X 18 in. One side feels like wax paper the other like plain white paper. It is pretty thick and should turn easily without tearing hope it works. love you!

  2. Oh..I missed this post of yours! Hello! I’m also one of the alpha bakers! Great write up! I too think the frozen crystals in the frozen berries causes it to have watery filling..mine too firmed up the next day…i added extra 10g of cornflour but didn’t really helped.

    • Thank you so much Vicki B! Well the juices were runny after the two hour wait after baking. At 3 am, I just had to have a piece and try it. The next day however, after being in the frig, the juices were very thick and sturdy. I read several post at 3 am yesterday while I was making the Golden Panettone last night and waiting for my next step. I think the frozen berries that many people used may have been the culprit. All that water from the frozen crystals had to go somewhere.

  3. Welcome to the bake along! To respond to your questions “However, I was wondering what could be used that would allow only ONE piece of material so that the dough could be moved with ease. ” I use a pastry cloth, which I LOVE…the dough roll like a dream..and if you cover your rolling pin as well no mess.

    Your pie looks great.. I like your edging

    • Thank you Mendy. I have used water in the past I suppose with other recipes. I think you and I had similar results with our dough. I think that I will use more heavy cream the next time. Thank you so much for the tip!

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