Molasses Crumb Cakelets

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Crumb is the word

This weeks Alpha Bakers recipe from our baking group is Molasses Crumb Cakelets from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new baking book:





 Each week we as Alpha Bakers, are assigned one of the recipes from Rose’s new baking book and we as a group all over the world bake the same recipe at the same time.  Our objective is to share our successes, where we got stumped, what questions did we have along the way, our joys and in some cases our baking shortcomings.


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FULL DISCLOSURE: I cheated and added other things not in Rose Levy Beranbaum’s original recipe.

  • I used both white and dark brown sugar
  • I used 1/3 Dark Molasses and 2/3 Golden Syrup
  • I created my own spice mix
  • I used different baking pans ( see notes below )
  • I love my additions

I am so happy I read Vicki Granny’s comments before I began this recipe as she was the inspiration for the Molasses substitution listed above.  Please visit Vicki Granny’s blog at:

Heavenly Cake Walk

You’ll be glad you did

I also looked over the recipe a couple of five times as I always do with Rose’s recipes and I felt the recipe was a great base but lacked the potential for warm ginger spices which marry so well with our star ingredient : Molasses.

So I thought it through and created my own spice mixture reviewing the ratio of each spice and I was very happy with my final outcome formula.

Mise en place

Mise en place

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VOILA the spice mixture begins....

VOILA the spice mixture begins….

Spice and molasses mixtures

Spice and molasses mixtures


We first mixed the crumb topping in the stand mixer

reserving a portion for the crumb topping

Reserving a portion for the crumb topping

At this point, we added the remaining ingredients of which  one surprisingly was simply hot boiling water

The mixture was then processed just until incorporated in the stand mixer and then scraped into a 4 cup measure for easy poring into the prepared pans.

Speaking of prepared pans, the recipe calls for Four 12 cup mini muffin pans of which I only  had two 6 cup mini muffin pans.  I looked online and my local store had the Wilton 24 mini cup cake pan in stock…or so they said

Wilton 24 count mini muffin tin

Upon arrival to the store, I found NO Wilton 24 mini cup cake pan in stock…


So I went back home and rummaged again to see what cooking jewels I had in MY stock…..

I came up with these…

2015-07-13 22.53.38 2015-07-13 22.53.48 2015-07-13 22.53.59 2015-07-13 22.54.45

The math didn’t exactly work out for me as the recipe states the yield should be 46 to 48,  1/3/4 inch cakelets, but because of the equipment substitutions a home baker must make, I simply had less equipment and more batter…

SOLUTION: I kept the same volume for the mix but the yield based on the equipment was half of the original recipe at 24 mini cakelets.

The black 6 mini carbon steel tin worked the best of the three and cooked closer to the recipe time table than the rest.

The aluminum 6 mini tin took forever to cook the cakelets which was only about 17 minutes in real time, but over the recipe guideline of 8 to 10 minutes.

The Nordic Ware mini cake pan took the longest at about 22 minutes.

Lesson learned; purchase the carbon steel 24 mini muffin tin in black for the best results


Two Recommendations:

WebstarurantStore24-cup-steel-non-stick-mini-muffin-pan-1-5-ozThis 24 cup carbon steel mini muffin pan is great for making appetizers, desserts, quiches, cupcakes, chocolates, brownies and, of course, muffins in! The smooth, non-stick design allows for easy cleanup, while small cups let up to 24 muffins be prepared at a time.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 15 1/4″
Width: 10″

Compartment Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 1 3/4″
Bottom Diameter: 1 3/8″
Capacity: 1 oz.

Wilton® Perfect Results Mini-Muffin Pan

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This mini-muffin pan offers all the right qualities for better baking results.

  • non-stick coating
  • heavy gauge construction spreads heat evenly and prevents warping
  • cooks 24 muffinsWilton 24 count mini muffin tin BLACK BASE


With the additional spice mixture, I LOVED these cakelets

2015-07-14 00.22.582015-07-14 00.23.052015-07-14 00.23.122015-07-14 00.23.21

I really enjoyed the two styles created with the two mini carbon tins and the variation with the Nordic pan

Non-Nordik Tin

Non Nordik Tin with crumbs on the top

Nordic Tin

Nordic Tin with crumbs on the bottom

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. De-ville

I’m ready for my close up, Mr. De-ville

2015-07-13 23.38.442015-07-13 23.38.532015-07-13 23.39.002015-07-13 23.39.142015-07-13 23.39.222015-07-13 23.39.35

Would I bake these again?


Would I change anything?

Just the pan as recommended above

This week I decided to forgo the Test Group and try an experiment.

I am shipping the batch to a friend of mine in Texas; so I will be experimenting this week with packaging, learning what works and what doesn’t; review of carrier cost and ease of use; and the final decision is

How did they taste once they arrived at my friend’s house?

My lucky friend; Carl in Texas

My lucky friend; Carl in Texas

 Happy Baking Ya’ll!

© Tony Bridges and One Crumb at a Thyme, 2014

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    • Joan, I’m sold personally after I saw the baking times between the dark pans vs, aluminum and then the heavy Nordic – I may do more research before I purchase – that’s just me – but I will post when I make my decision. Thank you SO much for your comment here Joan!

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